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Bringing the Salon to You.

 Opportunity Cost 

Liquid Capital Required:


Net Worth Required:


Total Investment:

$100,000 - $225,000

 Opportunity Benefits 


Not Available

Additional Costs:



Mobile Salon SCHOOL On-Line

MSN Fully Manages Franchise

MSN Sources All Employee


MSN Completes Build-Outs

MSN Customizes For You


MSN Manages Rollouts

MSN Customizes For You


 Mobile Salon NETWORK Story 

Mobile Salon NETWORK is #1 in the Mobile Barber and Beauty Industry. We are a franchise company whose main focus is to manage all aspects of the industry from manufacturing and deployment to the day-to-day details to ensure the high quality and integrity of the emerging trend of providing    personal service on a new level using only the latest and greatest technology to support each and every aspect of the business. Our goal is to create a Healthy and Equally Beneficial Economic Ecosystem of Personal Services being brought directly to the Clients.


When Mobile Salon Network started, we were only servicing our own clients, but demand grew instantly because word of mouth spread quickly. The Mobile Salon Network team understood the unique business model and has curated it to a finite level that benefits the clients and industry professionals at the same time. MSN Mobile Salons are customized with state of the art equipment that Barbers and Stylists bring to Clients to provide excellent one-on-one personal care services. Our services include all of the traditional services one would receive in a brick and mortar shop or salon. We're looking to implement Mobile Salons across the U.S.

 Untapped Industry 

New Category: Mobile Salons have been in existence for decades, but 98% of the market is untapped. The reality is that Mobile Salons are not affordable enough for the average barber or stylist to purchase outright and also be able to meet the stringent city and state manufacturing regulations. So MSN is partnering with Franchisee Investors to get these Mobile Salons on the road nationwide. Our program was developed in 2016.


Our Service: Our clients now have the convenience of choosing between going to their normal brick and mortar shop/salon or ordering curbside service via our Mobile Salon App. Clients are over-the-top excited at the ability to order services right to their door when it's too challenging to coordinate their busy schedule to fit in a brick and mortar visit.


Visibility: You can't miss our Mobile Salons! We are always branding, and you will too with a custom wrap. We embrace the co-branding model for Franchisees who wish to promote their brand. Our Mobile Salons are moving billboards and are great to get people's attention.


Recurring Revenue: Hair is everywhere making this a recession-proof business, and people will always want to look good to feel good and are willing to pay for the luxury of the shop/salon being brought to them. Adding the convenience of Mobile Salons will only enhance the experience for both the clients and professionals.


Scalability: Unlike conventional shops and salons, there is no need for brick and mortar. Like our founder, Ronnie Mac, you could start this business in your dining room as we take on all the responsibilities of manufacturing and deployment. You just sit back and enjoy the residual income. You have the option to order additional Mobile Salons at any time to increase your income. Standard overhead is covered under the Franchise Fee along with 100% of the management.

 Our Business Model 

 Unmatched Management 

Our management is #1! Our program is fully integrated with the success of each and every Mobile Salon unit. If you don't profit, we don't profit, and we simply refuse to let that happen. This business is our passion and will be run as if it is Our Baby, and Franchisee Owners can benefit from this symbiotic relationship. We take this investment seriously and have even created the Mobile Salon School to train each and every professional before hiring them to work on any of the Mobile Salon Buses. MSN micro-manages all of the following and more to ensure success:


  • Operations

  • Staffing

  • Business Administration

  • Customer Service

  • Payroll

  • Proprietary Software System

  • Deployment Location Scouting

  • GPS Geolocation Service

  • CCTV for Safety Monitoring

  • Monthly Payouts

  • Online Portal

  • Proprietary Phone & App Scheduling Systems

  • R&D - Demand and Regulatory

  • Marketing

  • Commercial Auto and Liability Insurance

  • Operational Expenses (Gas, Oil, Maintenance)


Our franchise concierge executes the full implementation process on behalf of the franchise owners (you won't have to lift a finger) throughout the whole process: everything from ordering the shuttle bus, ordering and installing the equipment, vehicle wrap, licensing, marketing, and deployment. You can give input on the customization or leave it up to our design team who will handle every detail for you.

 The Ideal Candidate 

MSN Franchisees play a key role in our goal to implement Mobile Salons across the United States. One major city could easily demand 50+ units to serve their residents so saturation is practically impossible. An ideal candidate:


  • Has the required liquid capital to get started

  • Shares our vision of bringing convenience to the masses

  • Is seeking a passive and residual income

  • Wants to join us in an exciting new movement to improve the industry

 Join Us! 

MSN offers a COMPLETE Turn-Key model with no need for brick and mortar or experience in the industry. Owners do not need to lift a finger. MSN handles all aspects of custom manufacturing your Mobile Salon Business, deployment, staffing, marketing, client scheduling, networking, vehicle maintenance, and licensing. Our Franchisees can enjoy the benefits of owning a Franchise without any of the labor or growing pains as this program works as a passive business for them.

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