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Mobile Salon Reviews




Lydia H.

2 Weeks Ago

"I was so excited to get into the business but knew I needed some guidance. Mobile Salon Network helped me through each and every step. It took a couple of months, but it's finally finished. I've had this vision of being mobile for 20 years...I am humbled by this experience. Thx so much!"

Angela W.

3 Weeks Ago

"So Blessed to have finally achieved my dream goal of being MOBILE!"

Luke B.

1 Month Ago

"Now I'm ready to make this money. Big Thanks to Mr. Ronnie Mac for putting in the extra work to get my mobile barber shop the way I wanted it. Professional work..."


Poltis M.

1 Month Ago

"The design team did a fantastic job of taking my concept and bringing it to reality. They worked it out with me on their online 3d program. It was like I was standing in the bus as it was being designed. First Class!"


Ronny J.

2 Months Ago



"I have to admit I was nervous a first. This was a big move for me. I wanted to serve the elderly and bring something positive to my community but it took a leap of faith to spend the money to bring it to reality. The team at Mobile Salon Network are good people, they really care about what you want and think about what it takes to make it happen."

Denise C.

5 Months Ago

"I was just browsing through the internet one day thinking about how awesome it would be to be able to have all of my equipment set up in van so I could go to my customers so they wouldn't have to travel to me. It seemed like a long shot but then I saw the Mobile Salon Network website. I was so excited, I called the 800 number before I could read everything on their website. Mr. Hair Art actually answered the phone and took the time to tell me all about how the mobile salon business works and seemed to really care about the barber and beauty industry. Now I'm making 4 times what I was making before in the salon because I'm tha boss and there's very little overhead the way they set up my mobile salon."

Jason A.

5 Months Ago

"I don't have all my money yet to buy my mobile bus barber shop but I am saving up to get into that finance program. The girl that explained everything to me was real cool and helped me understand how all this stuff works. From what I seen so far this is a awesome company and I can't wait to work with them."


Charles R.

10 Months Ago

"I'm so glad I didn't try to do this myself. I wouldn't have thought of half of the stuff Mr. Mac and his team installed using the latest technology in each section of the bus. They really know this industry."

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