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HHH Charity Partners with Mobile Salons

Reducing Homeless Population

Mobalon Inc to Build Mobile Salon Buses for HHH Charity



October 24, 2022

Mobalon Inc. - HHH Charity


New Program Initiative to help reduce the homeless population by collecting donations to build Mobile Salon Buses that will go out and service the homeless and help them get back on their feet and back into society. More info at and at


MOBALON Inc and Haircuts for the Helpless and Homeless Inc (HHH Charity) are looking to raise $10 Million Dollars from Sponsorships with Celebrities, Actors, Athletes, Music Artists, Entrepreneurs, Companies, State Governors, City Leaders & Mayors, as well as, by accepting donations and contributions from fans and customers across the globe. They are looking to fund the buildout of over 100 Mobile Salon Buses by May 2023. Mobile Salons are brand-new Shuttle Buses customized and converted into Mobile Barber Shops and Mobile Beauty Salons. 

Mobalon’s Mobile Salon Buses cost approximately $100,000 each, so HHH Charity is calling on 10 Sponsors to support this movement with $1 Million each to build out a total of 100 Mobile Salon Bus units. Companies or individuals who wish to sponsor one Mobile Salon Bus at $100,000 can do so by contacting Mobalon owner, Mr. Ronnie Mac, “COACH” for wiring instructions so that it can be allocated to the program through Salon FundRaiser. The new HHH Charity Mobile Salons will operate nationwide through the buses they build and through Franchising with existing Mobile Salon Buses.


“You don’t see Mobile Salon Buses rolling around the streets everywhere, yet you do see everybody with hair everywhere… This is the “Ground Floor Opportunity” that everyone looks for like when Starbucks, Google, Netflix, Tesla, and many others were getting started.” -  COACH MAC





Mobalon and HHH report they will be putting all licensed Barber & Beauty Professionals through an interview and evaluation process for assignment into the Mobile Salon Bus program. The professionals have to sign up on the Free Crowd-Funding website, contact COACH MAC directly at 800-406-7711 ext 1, or e-mail to sign up.




“We created the HHH Charity program to give our homeless population a better chance at getting themselves back on their feet. Once we have given them haircuts and fresh new clothes and shoes, they look and feel like a new person, and they are ready to get back into society and give it another shot.”  - Mr. Ronnie Mac “COACH”


After each Barber or Beauty Industry professional is chosen, they will proceed to train under COACH MAC in the new online Mobile Salon SCHOOL at Upon successfully completing the Mobile Salon Training Program, they will receive their Mobile Salon Operators License (M.S.O.L.). This license is issued by The Mobile Salon NETWORK and guarantees to the Sponsors and Supporters giving money to these programs that these future Mobile Salon Operators are now Skilled, Trained Professionals ready to provide their services through HHH Charity’s Mobile Salon program. Mobalon will be building these 100 Mobile Salon Buses as they sign more Sponsors and will debut the entire line of New HHH Charity Mobile Salon Buses at the Annual 2023 Mobile Salon Expo being held in Dallas, Texas at the State Fair Park Automobile Building on May 7 - 8, 2023.


Despite the chaos of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Mobile Salon Buses were still able to run and conduct business because inside the safe and sanitary environment of the Mobile Salon Bus, it is just the professional and their client taking advantage of social distancing and not being around a group of people like inside the brick & mortar salons. One of COACH MAC’s main priorities to address with these Haircuts for the Homeless programs was the safety of the Barber & Beauty professionals. The safety and security of working inside a secure Mobile Salon Bus instead of going into someone's strange environment or doing hair right outside on the sidewalk exposed to the elements was priority number one. 





Ronnie Mac, also known as Mr. Hair Art and “COACH”, because of his work as a Business Efficiency Expert & Life Coach has been in the Barber & Beauty Industry for over 27 Years. Mr. Ronnie Mac owns Mobalon Inc, Mobile Salon Network LLC, the Hair Art NETWORK, and the Shops & Salons NETWORK home of Salon He is looking for innovative and forward-thinking individuals and companies to partner with to assist HHH Charity in creating the Haircuts for the Helpless and Homeless Program to help reduce the homeless population.

Coach Mac says, “If you look good, you feel good. And if you feel good, you do good.”


Inquiries and interested parties can contact Mr. Mac directly at (800) 406-7711, ext. 1, or go to


Mr. Ronnie Mac (COACH)

Mobalon Inc (Owner)

844-MOBALON (662-2566)




Contact: Mr. Ronnie Mac “COACH”

                800-406-7711   ext. 1




  • MOBALON Building New ELECTRIC Mobile Salon Buses for New HHH Charity Mobile Salon Bus Program

  • Mr. Hair Art ADVERTISING in the Hair on Real People’s Heads for Pay

  • Mobalon going Public and Launching New Mobile Salon Appointment Booking App like Uber

  • Hair Art NETWORK T.V. to start Broadcasting inside Mobile Salon Buses tv screens Nation-Wide for Job openings and Available Assistance Programs  

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