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All NEW Barber & Beauty Hair Art Gallery in Dallas, Texas!

We are opening the First Ever (Multi-Million Dollar) Hair Art GALLERY! This is an Art Gallery full of one-of-a-kind collectibles and Original works of Hair Art created by Hair Artists from ALL AROUND THE WORLD! 

These works of Hair Art are becoming more and more valuable by the day!

Everyone is getting in on Hair Art. Barbers and Hair Stylists are getting licensed as Hair Artists to do Hair Art on Cow-Hides or what's normally known as Hair-On-Hides and what we like to call HAIR-ART-HIDES. Art Collectors, Art Traders, and Art Investors are buying up these works of art for their originality and value as an up-and-coming New art form. These Art Collectors, Art Traders, and Art Investors are moving fast to purchase as many of these works of Hair Art as they can before the general public gets wise to the value of Hair Art as a collectible and investable NEW art form. Companies are even hiring Hair Artists to commission works of Hair Art ADVERTISINGS! 

Now we have a Real BRICK AND MORTAR Hair Art GALLERY that people can physically walk into in Dallas, Texas, and view priceless original works of Hair Art on Hair-Art-Hide canvases!


We needed a SECURE location, so we are now working with MOBALON! We have Hair Art pieces of original UNDUPLICATABLE artwork valued at $10,000 up to $100,000 and even a few Hair Art pieces created by MASTER HAIR ARTISTS valued at $1,000,000 (ONE MILLION DOLLARS!)...

The Hair Art GALLERY is located inside our New 50,000 sq. ft. MOBALON Headquarters building with state-of-the-art, 24-hour, Bank Level LIVE Security Cameras covering every angle of the building so your valuable artwork in the Gallery will be secure. We have around-the-clock Armed Security and we will be posting various pieces of Hair Artwork in different Art Magazines, Art Websites, physical Art Museums around the World, and of course, we will be SELLING Hair Art our New Online Hair Art AUCTION! 

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Hair Art / Mobalon Q&A INFORMATION?

Below you will find a few Questions and Answers (Q&A) for Hair Art and Mobile Salons (MOBALON). Please go through the information and if you don't find the information that you need, you are more than welcome to contact us using the contact information below.

What is Hair Art?

Hair Art is the cutting of letters, numbers, and even pictures in the hair on people's heads! Now, we have advanced Hair Art to include the designing of company products, Services, and Logos in the hair on people's heads to create Hair Art ADVERTISING!

Take a look at our logo to the left and you can see some of the Hair Art work that is being done by our fabulously talented Hair Artists!


What is Cow-Hide for Hair Art?

We use cowhides and other hides to cut our Hair Art Designs and portraits for placement in the Hair Art GALLERY because they look and behave just like human hair when you cut it. We pride ourselves on sourcing the highest quality animal hides with the best-looking hair on them to do Hair Art Designs. We also have an Imitation Faux Hide supplier that supplies us with Imitation hair-on-hides that you can cut Hair Art portraits on that look and feel just like the real thing for anyone who is against using real animal hides in Hair Art! 

ORDER your HAIR-ART-HIDES here and cut your very own HAIR ART DESIGN PORTRAITS. Then send your artwork in to us to be APPRAISED and assigned a VALUE (FOR SALE) PRICE. Then your artwork can go into the New Hair Art GALLERY to be SOLD to make you MONEY!

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How do you use Cow-Hide for Hair Art?

Cutting Hair Art Designs into the hair on real people's heads just to have all your hard work simply GROW OUT and be gone in just a week or two is a big waste. Now, you can take your time and pour all your energy and talent into a hair-on-hide unit of cow-hide and now have your Hair Artwork creations LAST FOREVER!  
Whether you are doing Hair Artwork to go up for sale in the Hair Art GALLERY for profit, or a company commission job, or just hanging it up in your shop to show your customers how talented you really are, Hair-On-Cow-Hide is the way to go.

What can you do with Hair Art?

Hair Art right now is being used for many different things. In the past, Hair Art was used to signify and identify what clan or village you were from as well as being cut into the hair of the heads of runners to send messages across great distances. 
Today we use Hair Art Designs to showcase Fashion & Styles but with our new advent of Hair Art ADVERTISING, we can now advertise any company's products, services, and/or logos in the hair on the heads of real people. 


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What kinds of Hair-Art-Hides can we buy?

We offer many different varieties of CowHides and Hair-Art-Hides. The small and medium Hair-Art-Hides are for doing light work and miniature works of art to either be sold, collected, or traded with other Barbers, Stylists, and Hair Artists.  The large and extra-large premium Hair-Art-Hides are for more professional and wealth-building works of art that bring larger sums of money when sold in the Hair Art GALLERY or at the Hair Art Auction. You should definitely pick up a load of Hair-Art-Hides from Mr. Hair today.
***We also have Multiple DISCOUNTS for everyone who signs up for a Hair Artist License by attending our Hair Art School.

We have the only online Hair Art School in existence. You can sign up by clicking the link below to become a certified and licensed Hair Artist. You will receive a Mr. Hair Art Stencil KIT along with all the tools and equipment to follow along in the Online Hair Art School right from the comfort of your own home. You will be taught by Mr. Hair Art (COACH MAC) himself along with the absolute best Master Hair Artists in the entire Barber & Beauty Industry.

Also, you get Great DEALS and Discounts on all applicable future products and services when you're a licensed Hair Artist:

(CLICK HERE to SIGN UP to become a licensed Hair Artist)

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Hair Art & Mobile Salon Buses?

The Hair Art NETWORK is now working with MOBALON to get Hair Art ADVERTISEMENTS seen Everywhere!

The Hair Art GALLERY is located inside The MOBALON Headquarters Building. We have partnered with the Mobile Salon NETWORK (MOBALON) to put the Barber & Beauty Hair Artists "ON-LOCATION", using Mobile Salon Buses, anywhere our Corporate Sponsors want us to deploy their Hair Art ADVERTISINGS & PROMOTIONS!

Yes. Purchase your Hair-Art-Hide from our Hair Art Store, design your Hair Art piece, and then snap a picture to send it to us to be evaluated. Once you receive our go-ahead, you will need to mail your Hair Art artwork in to us to be Appraised and have a value price assigned to your artwork. Then your artwork will be put into the Hair Art Gallery. You will be assigned an agent, and we will promote your artwork along with all the other Hair Artists' artwork on our advertising channels. Once your piece sells, either directly through your agent, through the Hair Art Gallery, or through our Hair Art Auction, you will receive your funds through a wire transfer into your bank account. 

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Can we get in the Hair Art GALLERY?

We will assign you an Agent. We Appraise your Artwork. We put it in the Hair Art Gallery. Then we Sell your Artwork!

How do you Sell our Artwork? 

We have our own AUCTION! That's right we own our own Hair Art AUCTION that is aired LIVE on our own Hair Art TV Channel! We are building the 2nd Generation combination of LIVE In-Person and Digital Auction for Works of Art and Products created by the Barber & Beauty Industry. Investors, Collectors, Sponsors, and more will finally get access to one of the most lucrative industries known to modern man...

(Barber & Beauty Industry MOTTO: Image is EVERYTHING!)

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Who is Hair Art for?












Get on board with Hair Art to BENEFIT from the NEW Revolution 

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Meet The Hair Artists

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COACH Ronnie Mac Mr Hair Art PROFILE CLEAR.png

Ronnie Mac


CEO (MASTER Hair Artist)

Laya hair artist.jpg

Laya Risper


AGENT (Advanced Hair Artist)

COACH Ronnie Mac Mr Hair Art PROFILE CLEAR.png

Kevin Nye

"Kool Kev"

Hair Artist (LEVEL 3)

NEW Hair Artist Coming Soon.jpg



Hair Artist

Artist 6854h.jpg

Jacobb Browning


Hair Artist (LEVEL 02)

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Hair Artist

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Looking to Hire a Hair Artist for a Commission Job?

Greetings potential Corporate Sponsors and/or Advertisers. Here in this contact form, you can request information for hiring and contracting a Hair Artist to do Hair Art ADVERTISING for you and your company. Simply fill out the form below and give us as much information as you can, and we will match you with the best possible Hair Artist to fulfill your request.

Fill Out Form to Hire a Hair Artist



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We Will CONTACT You Soon...

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