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We would like to Sincerely Thank all of our Spectacular Sponsors who had the foresight to see one of the most influential and powerful opportunities to create positive change in the world through Mobile Salons. As of now, you are the Pioneers. The Creators. The Starting Line-Up to leveling the playing field and bringing Balance to our Racially divided world. All our Black-Owned-Businesses Thank You and Thank You again for your support, and we welcome you to the soon-to-be-recognized World-Wide, TOP-TEN SPONSORS of the MOBILE SALON MOVEMENT!     Ronnie "COACH" Mac

Our Million Dollar $tory

The Mobile Salon Business is very new and very old. One of our company mottos is "Everybody has Hair". So that means everybody is going to need to do something about their hair. Enter the Barber & Beauty Industry. When your hair grows and gets out of control, who do you call? Well, we understood that not everyone wants to drive all the way to a barber shop or beauty salon, so that's when we created the Mobile Salon NETWORK.

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People have been building Mobile Salons, or shall I say vehicles that will drive to you to do your hair. But no one has done it on this level or to this scale until now. We are building buses at break-neck speeds to keep up with demand, and now we see the opportunity to not only increase production to make Mobile Salons available to everyone nationwide, but we are able to do some extra good by creating opportunities for Black-Owned-Businesses (B.O.B.) to get the support and the respect that they have been denied for far too long.

We put together a system and program where all types of Celebrities, Movie Stars, Athletes, Wealthy Individuals, Philathropists, and even Companies could step up and help by Sponsoring GROUPS of Black-Owned-Businesses (B.O.B.) at the same time! We accounted for 10 Sponsors overall sponsoring 10 Black-Owned-Businesses and called it the TOP TEN SPONSORS! At a cost of $1,000,000 per sponsor, we will get all Ten B.O.B. funded with turn-key Mobile Salon Buses built and them trained and out on the road doing business! 

You can see from our Creating Change Chart below that we have broken down how our program works:

  • 10 Sponsors:  We will have a total of 10 people giving $1,000,000 each to Sponsor a group of 10 B.O.B.

  • Money: The total amount needed to be a Top Ten Sponsor is $1,000,000 = $100,000 for each B.O.B. 

  • B.O.B.:  Black Owned Businesses (10 per Sponsor with the whole program totaling 100 B.O.B. Sponsored)

  • Mobile Salon Buses:  Each B.O.B. receives a Shuttle Bus converted into a Mobile Barber Shop or Beauty Salon

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Please be advised that all of our Donations, Sponsorships, and Funds Raised will go through our Crowd-Funding website: (For your benefit you will be able to claim the funds as a deduction as well)  

At Salon FundRaiser you will be able to help and support groups of B.O.B. right along with helping other singular individuals that have set up Salon FundRaiser campaigns to raise money for their projects and businesses.

Also, Please keep in mind that Mr. Mac "COACH" has several campaigns going at the same time and so can you... Check out COACH's Million in a Month campaign where I too will be funding Buses for B.O.B.

If you wish to join the elite TOP TEN SPONSORS you can sign up by clicking the button below...

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Ronnie "COACH" MAC

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