Need Money to Buy Your Mobile Salon???

How Serious Are You About Your Dream?
Mobile Hair Stylist
If you are Really Serious about owning your own Mobile Salon, it's time to roll your sleeves up and enroll in our Mobile Salon Finance Program... ​
It Starts with the Mobile Salon SCHOOL. You will need your Mobile Salon Operators License. Our Sponsors and Investors will not Touch you until you have your Mobile Salon Operators License...
CrowdFunding with Friends & Family, you can now Raise the Money on your own!
You can do our CROWDFUNDING to Raise all the Money yourself or you can pay the $5,000 (Enrollment / Down-Payment) in Cash to speed up the process!!!
After you pay your $5,000 Enrollment FEE you will be submitted to our Sponsors for a "Sponsor Bus" to work in to raise the $100,000 you need for your very own Custom Mobile Salon Bus.
***AGAIN*** Our Finance Team will put together a V.I.P. Salon FundRaiser Campaign for you and submit it to our SPONSORS & INVESTORS Directly to get you a Sponsored Mobile Salon Bus to work on until you raise all the money you need to have your own Custom Mobile Salon Bus built!
You can now set up a FREE account at to get help raising the money you need from Friends and Family by crowdfunding!
STEP 1:  Go to and Set up your FREE
                account with your email address and password.
STEP 2:  Then, you can either use our FREE easy, plug and play,
                campaign builder on the website
                You can pay $100 for the VIP Campaign Builder Service
                to get help setting up your Mobile Salon & Salon
                 FundRaiser Campaign.
STEP 3:  PROMOTE, PROMOTE, PROMOTE Your Campaign!!!...
                Speak Up and ask your friends and family to support you
                on any and all Social Media you can find! 
((( Question?: What are you willing and ready to INVEST in YOURSELF and in your BUSINESS? )))
Mobile Salon SCHOOL1212.jpg
We have two ways for you to get funded or financed for a Mobile Salon Bus. The $5,000 and the $1,000 Deposit Programs. Both are based around enrolling in our ONLINE Mobile Salon SCHOOL. Once you pass this online course you will receive your Mobile Salon Operators License and you will then be eligible for funding or financing a Mobile Salon Bus through our Sponsors and Investors!
$5,000 Deposit Program
When you pay your $5,000 DEPOSIT you will be immediately skipped to the front of the line. We are in business with Sponsors and they have very strict criteria for whom they want to invest in.
So if you are putting more money down as a Downpayment you automatically look better to Sponsors & Investors because you have more “Skin in the Game”...

This means you are Professional and Serious enough to invest in yourself so this makes Sponsors and Investors more willing to invest in you too...
(On this Plan you get the Mobile Salon SCHOOL for FREE!!!)
$1,000 Deposit Program
When you pay your $1,000 DEPOSIT, you will be immediately enrolled in the Mobile Salon SCHOOL.
You will be able to complete the course and earn your Mobile Salon Operators License. That License is what will make you eligible for Funding from our Sponsors and Investors.
Don't forget we even have financing for the $1,000 enrollment to the Mobile Salon SCHOOL.
(We are about to make a huge impact in the Barber and Beauty Industry with Mobile Salon Buses and you will be on the GROUND FLOOR!)