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Our Veterans deserve the Best. But right now, they are receiving some of the worst. These Men and Women have fought and sacrificed for all of us. The least we can do is say Thank You with services they can use from our Mobile Salons.


We owe it to them to provide them the service that lets them be able to face themselves in the mirror with pride and a sense of direction. A haircut and shave or hairstyle can make the difference between taking steps to move forward or being stuck in the past and feeling lost and forgotten. Help them remember the proud Salutes they used to give and receive from us as we sent them off to protect and serve our country. Let them know you are still here for them and ready to support them in their time of need.


Who are we Helping?:

The Homeless are real people who have either fallen on hard times or have had things happen to them that causes them to now have to live on the streets. Most of these people are good people who just need a helping hand in the right way to get them back on their feet. These are men, women and children of all ages, colors and cultures who are destitute and have nowhere to turn. These are mothers, fathers, sons and daughters who have lost their way. The Homeless are You and Me if the right string of Bad Luck hits us so don’t be so quick to judge the Homeless. If you are going to be quick about something, be quick to Help…


How are we Helping?:

The Mobile Salon Project is preparing an entire campaign to not only assist the homeless with their current needs of food, shelter, and jobs to support themselves but we will be working on their appearance that will ultimately get them back to feeling human again. All this can be done by simply giving and donating to the Mobile Salon Project.


Why are we Helping?:

Many Homeless People just need a little help to get back on their feet to being productive members of society again. You never know who will be our next Einstein or Picasso or any type of valuable member of society. We must not lump all Homeless people into one bad category. This is how Slavery and Racism grew. We must focus on only finding the good in people and helping that good to grow. We all deserve a chance to give back. Our service will be the first step to reaching out to the Homeless and giving them the second chances anyone deserves.

Let’s Give to The Mobile Salon Project Today to Better our Future for Tomorrow.

Veterans Group Recognition Wall

You Give, You Get on the Wall



We know you get Satisfaction from just the act of Giving and Donating itself but we would just like to give you a little token of our appreciation to just say Thank You for Helping…









You can click on the Link Here to see all the REWARD GIFTS and the LEVELS 1 through 10 that dictate what Reward Gifts you will get for your Donations…

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