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There are so many kids in school right now that need our help. They cannot afford proper haircuts or hairstyles, so it will be up to you to donate to make this valuable service available to them. We even have a reward program that the faculty and staff of any school will be able to reward students that have good behavior and good grades with our Mobile Salon Project services.


Right now our schools are overwhelmed with kids. Most of which have the attitude and behavior problems that make you think they don’t want to be there. With our job as responsible adults that care about our kids and our schools, we need to understand that fixing problems sometime require unconventional methods. We here at Shops & Salons know the power of “Looking Good”. Most of these students that are bullying or being bullied or students too shy to speak or speaking out or just plain mis-behaving are more often than not doing so because of emotional issues that we and our Mobile Salon Project know how to fix!


When you give to our program, we promise you that we will produce results. You can already recognise these results from looking at the history of Barber and Beauty salons. Every program from “BACK TO SCHOOL HAIRCUTS” to “FREE HAIRCUTS FOR GOOD GRADES” can tell you that these kids' looks are important, and if you can inject some control into their “looks department”, you can actively affect changes in their behavior.  


Many times, kids act out as a deflection of their insecurities of being young and not in control, unkempt, and having low self-esteem. Others act out by being the shy kid in class. Both types of children will benefit from the exact same solution of getting personal attention during their haircut or hairstyle on our Mobile Salons. So many children are simply in need of a kind face or a mentoring conversation and the effect is simplistic in nature but holistically impactful. Let’s help make the leaders of tomorrow, ones we can look up to and depend on to care for us in our elder ages.

Who are we Helping?:

We will be able to help all kids of all kind, from the mis-behaving disruptive kids who need some one on one improvements from their own Barbers and Stylist, to the well performing next future leaders who need to receive their well deserved cudoos and rewards for performing well in school. All of which, the Mobile Salon Program has put together the perfect interface for every brand of student. We even have a hair service program for the faculty members and staff who have a very difficult job of dealing with our kids, and they deserve to be taken care of as well.


How are we Helping?:

With the help of your donations, the Mobile Salon Project will be able to roll out multiple buses to schools in need, as well as, Alma Mater and other schools that donors wish to have our mobile salons roll out to service. We will be able to take care of these kids’ haircuts and hairstyles before and after school. There is even the possibility of getting some of our outstanding teachers and faculty members serviced for their outstanding service to our kids.


Why are we Helping?:

With our schools being in so much turmoil and disarray from kids and students acting out and behaving badly, we feel that any amount of additional supportive programs and services will be welcomed to help resolve this problem. We have found that when these kids and other students have their hair cut and their hair styled and they are Looking Good, they tend to Feel Good; and when they Look Good and Feel Good every day, more often than not, they Do Good. This is the ultimate aim of our program with the school kids to get them looking good and behaving good and ultimately getting good grades all from a simple haircut or hairstyle.


Let’s Give to The Mobile Salon Project Today to Better our Future for Tomorrow.

School Kids Group Recognition Wall

You Give, You Get on the Wall



We know you get Satisfaction from just the act of Giving and Donating itself but we would just like to give you a little token of our appreciation to just say Thank You for Helping…









You can click on the Link Here to see all the REWARD GIFTS and the LEVELS 1 through 10 that dictate what Reward Gifts you will get for your Donations…

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