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Many of our Law Enforcement have and is still receiving a pretty bad rep. But not all Police are bad. We as a society have to do our part to help our Peace Officers do their jobs. It is hard enough with them putting themselves in harm's way doing the jobs we civilians don’t want to do. So let's all give and support our local and nation wide Police Force by cooperating and working together to help everyone “LOOK GOOD & DO GOOD”...


Our law enforcement officers have a hard enough job as it is dealing with the rule breakers and lawbreakers who do not care about order. We as citizens need to take it upon ourselves to assist our peace officers in whatever way we can whenever we can. The Mobile Salon Project has a very strict schedule of building the relationship between peace officers and the everyday citizen. With our program in place the simple interaction between police and citizens, along with the gap, will be bridged, and we can start building new relationships with our peace officers.

Who are we Helping?:

“Not all Police Officers are Bad” should not be a standard statement amongst civilians and communities. The Mobile Salon Project will be able to create an air of camaraderie and togetherness between our civilian customer and our law enforcement customer. By the simple understanding that our services are being brought to them on behalf of the community they protect and serve as a Thank You and a showing of support for their daily bravery we feel the good officers will be able to conduct themselves better and carry out their duties with pride. This is a reward for the officers that are Already doing a good job and a deterrent to the ones that think they can continue to tarnish the reputation of the title “PEACE OFFICER”.


How are we Helping?:

Our specially equipped Mobile Salons will be able to roll out to the various police stations and law enforcement departments and provide the crucial services of haircuts and hairstyles to our good police officers in need. Everyone knows that when you Look Good you Feel Good and when you Feel Good you Do Good. And this, among everything else, we will definitely need from law enforcement officers is the ability to do good. In this world where there are so many police officers on the news behaving badly, we must sift through and focus on those individuals who stand for good.


Why are we Helping?:

Providing our services puts our professionals in close proximity of law enforcement officers. Conversations are had and relationships are developed. Much can be learned from simple conversation and this provides a platform to sift through well intentions and malcontent for any cultures. Bottom line is, we will be able to filter the good cops from the bad cops very quickly. And just as effectively, our services provides the bridge to inspire positive encounters with the general public to create a general respect and COMPLIANCE for those brave men and women who serve. This is what our communities, our cities, and indeed our nation is in need of.

Let’s Give to The Mobile Salon Project Today to Better our Future for Tomorrow.

Police Group Recognition Wall

You Give, You Get on the Wall



We know you get Satisfaction from just the act of Giving and Donating itself but we would just like to give you a little token of our appreciation to just say Thank You for Helping…









You can click on the Link Here to see all the REWARD GIFTS and the LEVELS 1 through 10 that dictate what Reward Gifts you will get for your Donations…

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