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Firemen & EMS Group


A Big Thank You to the FIRST-RESPONDERS girls and guys who come out every day at the risk of their own lives to save ours. There is no better way to show our appreciation then through the gift of giving. And now that the Mobile Salon Project has a program to create Custom Mobile Salons that will come out to service all of you silent heros, it is definitely worth the donations...


Our emergency service heros put themselves in harms way everyday to save lives. We should help them stay ready for action. Their appearance plays a part in how they feel when they are in the field, as well as, how they are received by us. There’s a level of trust and respect that must be achieved at first glance by our Fight Fighters and EMS Teams to effectively handle each situation they encounter. Imagine if you’re hurt and you call 911 and someone in uniform arrives to assist but they look unkept. You would question their ability and unconsciously cite them for being unprofessional. You’re in a position that gives you no choice but to put your life in their hands. These services are needed for them to effectively do their jobs.

Who are we Helping?:

Thank goodness for our FIRST-RESPONDERS Teams who come out and rescue us and save our homes and do all the things that put their life at risk just for us. We, civilians, have a duty to honor and respect the jobs of these selfless professionals. One way for us to back them and give thanks to these individuals is through donations to the Mobile Salon Project. We know these selfless heroes have very little time to dedicate to themselves. So we must do something to take the burden off their hands.


How are we Helping?:

The Mobile Salon Project is able to roll custom mobile salon units directly up to the firehouses all across the nation to perform services for our fireman and EMS teams that need our services. We will be able to give them haircuts and hairstyles without them even leaving the firehouse. This will simply be a welcomed service to those professionals that will now not need to take time out from their busy schedules and dedicate time to something that can be avoided.


Why are we Helping?:

We do not want our FIRST-RESPONDERS teams to have to go out of their way to drive out to a barbershop or beauty salon and wait for hours to get their haircut or hair styled. This is simply a waste of their valuable time. With your donations, we will be able to eliminate this unnecessary drain on these valuable individuals’ time. Our helping them will help them be ready to help us.

Let’s Give to The Mobile Salon Project Today to Better our Future for Tomorrow.

First-Responders Group Recognition Wall

You Give, You Get on the Wall



We know you get Satisfaction from just the act of Giving and Donating itself but we would just like to give you a little token of our appreciation to just say Thank You for Helping…









You can click on the Link Here to see all the REWARD GIFTS and the LEVELS 1 through 10 that dictate what Reward Gifts you will get for your Donations…

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