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Taking care of our elderly should be one of our primary goals as they have taken care of us as we grew up. The Mobile Salon Project is a perfect way to give back to those who have given so much to us. With your donations, we will be able to roll out to many elderly homes and retirement centers to perform services for the elderly and the infirm who cannot either afford the services or make it out to a barbershop or beauty salon. We must remember that the elderly have some of the same needs as young people do and their looks are still valuable to them.


The changes we go through as we all grow older and wiser, bring us to the same conclusion of what life for each of us will be like when we are no longer able to take care of ourselves. Putting the Mobile Salon Project in place now is securing the pathways to everyday solutions for challenges the elderly of today and tomorrow face. An energy is instantly felt by our elderly after a service is received with kind words of compassion from our Professionals who provide these services. It’s a simple solution with an impactful effect to help the elderly in their trying times. Help us, help them.

Who are we Helping?:

Our Mothers, Fathers. Our Grandmothers and Grandfathers. All of our friends and family get old and will get old. Even us, meaning you and I will hopefully live long enough to be considered “The Elderly”. And we all know that even in our old age we still want to look Good!. We need to consider that our older generation need our help, and we may not have the time to give it directly. But we do have the money. Give to the Mobile Salon Project so we can take some of that burden of physically caring for the elderly off your hand. Honestly, we can do the things they need and take care of them with our services that you can not do yourself anyway, so let's give the best to our elders and team up to care for them in the sunset years.


How are we Helping?:

With our specially customized Mobile Salons, we will be able to roll right up to the Elderly centers and service our customers with the greatest of ease. We even have wheelchair accessible custom Mobile Salons that are able to accommodate the handicapped and the mobility challenged elderly to make it easy for them to receive services. Our Mobile Salons will be able to roll right up to the Elderly Centers’ and Rest Home’s front doors so that our customers will not have far to walk. We also have special mobilized units where we are able to take our products and tools directly into the centers where a customer may be bedridden and cannot leave their room. We will still be able to service them and give them haircuts and hairstyles so that they may feel a new energy for life again.


Why are we Helping?:

With your caring and loving donations to the Mobile Salon Project, we will be able to service our loved ones and get them Looking Good and Feeling Good about themselves once again. We also feel that with these services, we believe that we can effect real change in our senior citizens’ behavior, as well as, their improvement mentally and even physically. And who's to say, what if these services turn out to be LIFE EXTENDING services, and we can effectively have our loved one that much longer. They are worth it. We have seen real huge improvements and change in attitude and energy when it comes to how people look. This in turn effects their mental improvement and ability to interact with other senior citizens. Again, our love ones are worth it. Give now. Because our love ones are worth it.

Let’s Give to The Mobile Salon Project Today to Better our Future for Tomorrow.

Elderly Group Recognition Wall

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We know you get Satisfaction from just the act of Giving and Donating itself but we would just like to give you a little token of our appreciation to just say Thank You for Helping…









You can click on the Link Here to see all the REWARD GIFTS and the LEVELS 1 through 10 that dictate what Reward Gifts you will get for your Donations…

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