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Mr. Hair Art, Ronnie Mac, created the Mobile Salon Project which was a program aimed to help revolutionize the Barber and Beauty Industry by taking it MOBILE! The first step was to raise the money to start building Mobile Salon Buses. Then to find competent able-bodied people to operate them. Enter the Mobile Salon School, in partnership with and operated out of the Hair Art CAMP! This is a week-long course that was set to train and evaluate Barbers and Hair Stylists with the potential to own operate and even be Sponsored by companies to have their very own Mobile Salon Business.    (SIGN UP HERE)


There are many ways people are taking their businesses mobile. We have found that the most efficient and effective way to take a Barber or Beauty Salon mobile is to use our customized shuttle buses. These vehicles are the best-equipped units to use in terms of size, maneuverability, and ease of use. The overall handling and ability to go anywhere customers need hair services is another big factor. Then most of all is the look of a new Mobile Salon pulling up into a customer's driveway and being able to press a button to open doors and allow a customer to simply walk onto a fully furnished, roomy, well equipped Barber Shop or Beauty Salon on WHEELS!


The Mobile Salon School uses the most advanced and top-of-the-line tools and equipment available. MSS is sponsored by many companies and organizations that find our business model, as well as, our industry very lucrative and influential when it comes to advertising to the general public. Our mobile salons will come equipped with custom high-end salon stations, salon chairs, generators, hot and cold running water, restrooms, and some of the most elaborate entertainment packages ever put into a vehicle! We are constantly seeking out new and innovative technologies to install into our Mobile Salon program. 


The Mobile Salon School has partnered with the Hair Art CAMP for several reasons. Owned and operated by Mr. Hair Art, Ronnie Mac this property was ideal to play host to a Mobile Salon School that needed several components to make it work: A driving course big enough for shuttle buses; A campsite fully equipped with cabins for students who will be staying for a week at a time; Multiple classrooms and meeting areas for large groups to learn about the Mobile Salon Business, as well as, the already in place Hair Art classes at the camp; and lastly the off time amenities like Fishing, Swimming, Golf, Basketball, Tennis, Daily Buffets, Tropical Parties, Hair Shows and much more! (see more at


The full Mobile Salon School course costs $5,000 plus your travel expenses. All other accommodations like your lodging, food, activities, and supplies will be furnished by the CAMP. The Mobile Salon buses themselves are brand new fully furnished and equipped vehicles that start at $95,000 and go up from there. But if you are enrolled in the Mobile Salon School "SPONSORSHIP PROGRAM" your Mobile Salon Bus can be either fully financed or even Sponsored and paid for in full by a company willing to advertise on and in your Mobile Salon business.  (Other income opportunities are also available once you PASS and COMPLETE the course)        (SIGN UP HERE)

Our Mobile Salon School has some of the most talented and skilled instructors in the industry. You will have the luxury of being instructed by the best. Mr. Hair Art, Ronnie Mac, and several others will be teaching at the Hair Art CAMP. Our classrooms are outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment to help ensure the most effective, pleasant, and efficient teaching environment possible. Instructor opportunities are available for qualified Barber & Stylist individuals looking to make good money in a fun and exciting new industry of Mobile Salons and Hair Art Advertising!  (see more at        (SIGN UP NOW)  

Learn everything you need to know about the Mobile Salon Bus business from the ONLY Mobile Salon School in the WORLD! Owned and operated by Mr. Hair Art, Ronnie Mac, you will be among the first to take these first groundbreaking steps to revolutionize the Barber & Beauty Industry! Sign Up Today because classes are small (only 50 people a week to a class) and openings are very limited. With over 2 MILLION Barbers & Hair Stylist in the United States ALONE, you will need to sign up and get in to get Mobile A.S.A.P. before everyone else learns about what we have and what's going on!                   (SIGN UP NOW)

This is truly an "EDUCATION VACATION"! Each Mobile Salon and Hair Art Student will have their own Cabin Room and will receive a Traveling Styling Case full of all the tools and supplies needed to complete a week-long collection of Mobile Salon operation & Hair Art Classes for the EDUCATION portion of the Hair Art CAMP. And of course, all the VACATION Portions like Fishing, Swimming, Golf, Basketball, Tennis, Tropical Parties, and Daily Buffets of the Hair Art CAMP are complimentary and are included in your Package Deal. (COME GET IN THE DRIVER'S SEAT NOW TO TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR FINANCES AND YOUR LIFE!)           (SIGN UP NOW)

Learn all aspects of the operation of the vehicle from the maintenance of all the components like the water tanks, electrical connections, and the customer entertainment systems to all the laws and regulations of operating a Mobile Salon business in your state. Our Mobile Salon Driving Course is one of a kind. The only course built to teach how to maneuver a shuttle bus in commercial, as well as, residential areas to park and do hair anywhere you are needed.

A 100+ acre lakefront property with all the amenities you will need to be able to spend a full week in CAMP Classes but still, have all the luxuries of a full-scale resort!           (SIGN UP NOW) 

(Sponsorship opportunities will be available after evaluating the passing students of every Mobile Salon School course each week! Sign up by clicking the "BOOK CLASSES button on this page.)

(Above images are photos of actual Mobile Salon SCHOOL, as well as, generated images of planned features and upcoming attractions.)  
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