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We all are aware that the treatment for cancer patients is extremely harsh and hard on the human body. Therefore, we believe that it should not be an even harder strain for patients to have to endure because of their looks. The Mobile Salon Project will be able to effectively aid in the looks and outlook of all these patients going through chemotherapy and other treatments that negatively alter their appearance and emotions.


The truth in “Look good, Feel good” is so real that even hospitals invest millions and even billions of dollars in providing an aesthetically pleasing environment to soothe the minds of the patients and effectively reducing their recovery timeframes. If they are willing to invest in making the hospitals more conducive to healing, imagine the direct impact and effects our Mobile Salon Project will have with every single patient we serve. Cancer eats away at patients on multiple levels. The least we can do is fight it on our level, bringing some sense of sanity and even happiness to the patients directly by assisting with the emotional rollercoaster that one's looks effect people. We are also indirectly helping their family members who are helplessly living through this traumatic experience with them and feeling like there is nothing they can do to help. Now there is. Help us, help them.

Who are we Helping?:

So many people today including our family and friends are being affected by this deadly disease. It not only negatively alters physical state, it also negatively impacts your emotional state. These people are going through a very hard time in their lives, and we feel that with your donations and support, we can ease some of their suffering and help speed up their recuperation by lifting their spirits through assisting with their appearance.  


How are we Helping?:

The Mobile Salon Project will have specially equipped vehicles that will be able to aid in the severe services of having to shave all the hair from a patient's head. We will not only be able to do this service for them, we will also assist in providing different options available to a patient to help them feel better about their appearance. We have specialized relationships with wig makers that will work with our program and our patients to create custom fitting wigs for our cancer patients who have to endure all their hair being shaved from their head. We also have specialty makeup artists who will assist us in formulations and processes to help patients with their makeup needs.


Why are we Helping?:

Bottomline is we have to fight this disease in every way we can. From the inside out, we can not let the victims of Cancer truly feel like Helpless Victims. We have seen that haircuts and hairstyles play a big role in one's internal healing by promoting a deeper emotional healing that medicine by itself just can’t provide.

Let’s Give to The Mobile Salon Project Today to Better our Future for Tomorrow.

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